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Feasibility Analysis

Project Development / Feasibility Analysis

The first essential step in creating a successful renewable energy project is a ‘Feasibility Study,” which examines if the selection of the project is financially and technologically viable. Many technical factors affect the choice of a site, including wind speed / solar radiation, land topography and geology, site layout, grid structure, proximity to utilities, logistics feasibility, local regulations & permitting requirements. 

The feasibility study for the proposed renewable energy project helps to understand the extent and nature of the risks, costs, financial returns, and environmental benefits. Once these are adequately understood, an objective view can be taken on whether to proceed with a planning application and incur the costs of doing so. 

It is one of the first steps in the project development process. The goal is to limit project risk and address issues early. When identified, many critical design constraints can be overcome effectively with planning.

Feasibility Analysis for Project Planning
Feasibility Analysis