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Feasibility Analysis
Solar Panel

Feasibility Analysis

Project design and layout

Mast installation

Identifying potential sites for wind & solar energy projects

Wind resource analysis,
development & micro siting

Land Related Services
Water Flow

Land Related Services

ROW clearances for power transmission lines

Potential land identification and necessary due diligence

Document verification, due diligence and land aggregation

Surveying, levelling and road infrastructure development

Renewable Energy Solutions
Wind Energy

Project Execution

Construction of transmission lines

Installation of WTG and module
mounting structures

Erection and commissioning of
balance of plantworks

Land levelling, grading, piling,
civil works, road works etc…

Electrical works for wind and solar

Permits and approvals

Obtaining permits & approvals

Complete study and approval for
power evacuation

Support for execution of Power
Purchase Agreement

EV Station

Logistics Management

Providing access pathway and
development for hassle free
movement of all the components

Obtaining necessary approvals for
access development


Operations and Maintenance

Operations and maintenance for
wind energy and solar energy

Infrastructure maintenance